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This past summer, I had the pleasure of practicing yoga at the Summer Solstice event in Times Square in the heart of the Big Apple. We squeezed our mats right on the super-clean streets of New York in a gated off section of the famous area. A teacher taught through a speaker system and was streamed onto the Times Square jumbotrons. He guided us through backbends, heart openers, Warrior poses and balances… all while being stared at, photographed and spoken to by tourists and passerby. Balancing ourChakras while pedestrians blew cigarette smoke in our faces sparked this contemplation.

There are many different types of lululemon outlet yoga session available to consumers. For example, some are based predominantly on meditation, while others are more physical in emphasis. Also, there are special classes for pregnant women and, for those who do not wish to go to organised sessions, there are DVDs and books that can help them get started in the discipline.A rising number of individuals in many countries around the world, including the UK and the US, are donning their yoga clothes and getting involved in the activity. Many people are attracted to the discipline because of both the physical and psychological benefits associated with it.

There is a reason that it is called a PRACTICE. We are never finished. We never arrive. We simply are on this journey of peace that lasts our lifetime. It may ebb and flow but as long as we continue to practice, the benefit will be peace. It doesn’t matter where or how or in which conditions we experience this practice, but more the intention we bring to it and the commitment to peace that we get out of it. Yoga is UNION. It is the marriage of the breath and the movement. Once we begin our yoga lifestyle, it is understood that we can achieve this goal anywhere at any time.